The Dice Spot

270 Rode Rd

Wavell Heights QLD 4012

0488 55 55 17


Sorry we broke our Web Page, it will be up bigger and better very soon.

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All current Dungeons and Dragons books, 1000s of dice and 1000s of figures.

90+ folders of Magic the Gathering Singles plus a huge range of sealed products and accessories.

Big Range of Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar gear plus paints and modeling gear from GW and other companies.

Great selection of board games.

Lots of X-Wing and Legion minis.

Gaming area available for CCGs, Minis and Role Playing Games



Wednesday 11-9 and later

Thursday 11-9 and later

Friday 11-9 and later

Saturday 10-6 and later

Sunday 10-6

*Call ahead after these hours, we are usually open for games being played until much later